Making a Difference

Many people often ask what is the difference between table salt and Kosher salt….olive oil and extra virgin olive they really make a difference in cooking?

The main difference with salts are the texture.  Table salt is a finer granular which makes it dissolve quicker, which bakers prefer.  Sea salt or Kosher salt is larger and adds a nice crunch.  It works better when cooking savory dishes and for last-minute seasoning.

Fun fact……Did you know that a teaspoon of table salt has more salt in it than a tablespoon of Kosher salt.

There are so many different oils to choose from now.  Obviously the finer the more expensive, but why?

Extra virgin olive oil is made from the first pressing of olives which makes it most expensive and less acidic.  It’s better tasting and more flavorful.  This is why it is used mostly in salad dressing and for bread dipping.

Olive oil is made from processing leftovers of virgin olive oil, making it less expensive and more useful for cooking.


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