Sauces 101

There are so many gravy’s and sauces you can make with just a simple roux.

The definition of a roux is a mixture of butter and flour, cooked until bubbly. (pronounced.. roo)

For 1 cup of sauce you whisk 2 tablespoons of butter with 2 tablespoons of flour. Salt and pepper.

After making your roux add 1 cup of liquid of your choice. Whisk until smooth and desired thickness. If you like a thicker sauce add a little more flour. A thinner sauce add a little more liquid.

Chicken gravy

Brown Gravy – add beef broth with a dash of worcestershire sauce.

Light Chicken Gravy – add chicken broth

Cheese sauce – add milk. When milk is heated thru add one cup of cheese of your choice

Alfredo Sauce – Add milk and use parmesan for your cheese and 2 tsps. of garlic powder.

Cheese Sauce

There are endless combinations you can do. Add some wine in your brown gravy, try different cheeses to your cheese sauce. Add a favorite spice.

Everything tastes better with gravy or cheese sauce!


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