Crispy Chicken Bites

I love making appetizers, and these crispy chicken bites are always a favorite at any party.  Cutting the chicken in small bite size pieces or in strips makes it an easy finger food.  I leave the chicken whole if making it as a main dish for dinner. The secret is which ever way you make them be sure and pound them thin.

I first pound boneless chicken breast (I’ve made this also using chicken thighs, turns out super moist)) in between two pieces of plastic wrap until very thin. This is where you decide if you want to cut them or leave them whole.

Next get your breading station ready in 3 separate dishes:

  • flour – seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder
  • eggs mixed with a little water (for an added kick add some hot sauce)
  • Panko bread crumbs (a kitchen staple in my pantry)

Dredge your chicken first in flour, then egg wash and then the Panko.  Fry in hot oil until brown. Season with salt.

Serve with ranch dressing or barbecue sauce. Enjoy!


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