Greek Salad

Need a quick easy salad for a luncheon, potluck or a light dinner.   A Greek salad topped with chicken is the way to go.  The amounts vary depending on how many people you are making it for.

  • Romaine lettuce
  • purple onions
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • green peppers
  • kalamata olives
  • feta cheese
  • fresh oregano

I rough chopped the romaine and sliced the onions.  I cut up the tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers in bite size pieces and left the skin on the cucumber.  Buy the pitted olives and slice in half.  I also bought the already crumbled feta cheese.

For the dressing I used Kraft zesty italian and added lemon juice, fresh oregano, garlic powder, fresh cracked pepper and kosher salt. Mix well.  Add extra lemon juice if you like your salad more tangy.

For the chicken I marinated thin chicken breast in the italian dressing with fresh oregano and grilled.  Slice thin for on top of salad.

For an added treat I made Oreo truffles (Thank you Pinterest!)

  • 1 package of double stuff Oreo’s
  • 4 oz. cream cheese
  • white chocolate for melting

In your food processor grind your Oreo’s very fine.  Mix well with soften cream cheese and roll into small balls (save some of the Oreo’s to top your truffles).  Place on a parchment lined pan and freeze for 15 minutes. Melt your chocolate according to the package and dip the Oreo balls until well covered.  Sprinkle some of the left over Oreo’s on top before the chocolate hardens. Refrigerate.

I guarantee this will be a crowd pleaser.



One response

  1. This was an outstanding salad Donna Jo ~ I love that you add your own touch of seasonings to the prepared dressing. Of course the element of love that goes into your preparation of meals is the real secret. The Oreo ” Bon bons” were to
    die for. Thank you for the beautiful meal!

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