Thanksgiving Tips

  • Keep a pan of hot chicken broth on your stove as a go to item.  Use it to refresh cold or dry stuffing, pour over your carved turkey to warm up and moisten, mix in your mashed potatoes to warm them back up.
  • Before carving your Turkey, allow it to rest for at least 20 minutes before carving.
  • Cut your dark meat before the white, it stays moist longer.
  • The key to removing the thighs, legs and wings from your turkey is to run your knife along the body until you find the place where the bones meet.  Cut in between the joints.
  • Remember to save all your turkey parts and bones.  Store in a zip loc bag and toss in the freezer for making stock later.
  • If you’re make dressing for Thanksgiving, now is the time to start saving your bread. Any pieces of leftover french bread, biscuit or cornbread, rolls, no matter how small, just put in a big zip lock bag.
  • When making Pumpkin Pie don’t beat the filling too much.  If you add a lot of air by beating, the pumpkin filling may rise and fall, then crack. (this is supposed to be a dense pie)
  • Don’t over bake your pie, your filling will crack and also cause moisture on your pie.
  • Make your mashed potatoes ahead of time, also add cream cheese and sour cream.  Warm them up in the microwave or oven.  Add a little milk and butter and remix.  Saves a lot of time when having a big dinner.  You can do this 2 to 3 days ahead of time.
  • I always cook my Turkey upside down wrapped in foil.  325 deg. at 20 minutes a pound.  The last hour unwrap the foil and flip your bird and baste about every 10 minutes. Makes for a juicy bird!

I will be posting Thanksgiving tips this month so keep checking back!!


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